Smart cloud sub forum successfully held

The 2019 (18th) China Internet Conference was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing from July 9 to 11. The theme of the conference is 'innovation and change before starting - a new chapter in the spectrum of high-quality development'. The Intelligent Cloud sub forum of the China Internet Conference, organized by the cloud computing Department of the China Academy of information and communications, was successfully held during the conference. This intelligent cloud sub forum brought together technical experts from Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud, baidu cloud, iFLYTEK and the fourth paradigm in the field of intelligent cloud, providing participants with a wonderful and dry knowledge feast.

Zheng Li, a cloud computing engineer from the cloud University Institute of the China Academy of information and communications, gave a keynote speech entitled 'interpretation of smart cloud system standards', which described the concept of smart cloud, the evaluation method of GPU virtual machine, the technical capability requirements of smart cloud enabling platform and the current situation of smart cloud industry.

Alibaba Cloud Architecture director Huang ruiruirui delivered a speech entitled 'overview of cloud intelligent technology architecture + evolution route'. He shared his prediction and judgment of future technology trends from four dimensions: the technical architecture of Feitian operating system, the hardware trend, the gradual establishment of cloud native factual standards, the leap that 5g will bring to edge computing, and data protection becoming the decisive indicator of cloud.

Liu Lichun, general manager of Tencent AI semantic products, delivered a keynote speech entitled 'cloud services accelerate AI innovation'. He introduced Tencent's exploration in cloud computing + artificial intelligence. He also interpreted the great contribution of cloud computing to the development of AI industry from three levels: the application scenario of AI, the application threshold and the help of cloud on AI applications.

Ding Rui, deputy general manager of iFLYTEK's open platform business department, described the history of artificial intelligence with the title of 'Ai empowerment, the next possibility of the world'. He focused on the achievements made by iFLYTEK from two aspects: the realization of AI value and AI platform and ecological construction.

Wang Min, general manager of the fourth paradigm cloud business, made a keynote speech on 'auto ml technology creates new productivity in the industry'. He explained in detail the technical architecture of automl and the process of application implementation. He elaborated the creation and improvement of AI on productivity from three aspects: creating new fields, improving business effects, and reducing costs.

Qin duohao, the AI architect of Baidu AI Cloud, delivered a speech entitled 'Baidu AI Cloud AI development platform sharing'. He systematically introduced the process of intelligent cloud platform from theory to technology to implementation, as well as the system architecture and functional characteristics of Baidu AI Cloud AI development platform, with full technical highlights.

The atmosphere of the forum was warm, and the topic of the speech received the active attention of the participants, causing extensive discussion and thinking.

The Intelligent Cloud combined with cloud computing and artificial intelligence represents the trend of AI landing in the future. Enterprises still need a long way to go to complete the intelligent transformation. Chip manufacturers, cloud manufacturers and AI enterprises need to work together to realize the 'appreciation of both refined and popular' of AI. The holding of this forum has strengthened the exchange and cooperation within the industry and mutual learning of experience and achievements, with a view to promoting the development of the intelligent cloud industry.