5g is not only fast

With the issuance of 5g business license, China officially entered the first year of 5g business. What are the application scenarios of 5g? Is its charge expensive? At the first 'science Malatang' science Salon Hosted by the coordination and Publicity Department of China Association for science and technology, senior experts in the communications industry gave the answer.

Fast Internet speed is people's intuitive feeling of 5g. However, this is not its only advantage. '5g will bring us into the era of Internet of everything. In turn, mobile Internet and Internet of things will also become the main driving force for 5g development.' According to Hu Jianbo, chief engineer of the China Academy of information and communications, it is estimated that by 2030, mobile traffic will increase tens of thousands of times, and the total number of mobile network connected devices will exceed 100billion.

Zhang Xinsheng, chief expert of the information and communication science communication expert team of the China Association for science and technology, believes that 5g is not only a new generation of mobile communication technology, but also an infrastructure for economic and social development. In the future, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. will promote 5g to become an open and integrated intelligent network.

In the consumer market, 5g can significantly improve the user experience. Zhang Xinsheng believes that HD video, virtual reality and UAV will be the basic applications of 5g, and may also be the first mature business scenarios. With the gradual improvement of 5g network, some industries that require high network communication capabilities, such as remote surgery, all road autonomous driving, will become important application scenarios for 5g.

'4G changes life and 5g changes society. 5g focuses on large scenes and multi-dimensional applications, which will promote the integration of various platforms, give birth to new business forms, and may even trigger industrial changes.' Huang Xiuqing, member of the economic and Management Innovation Committee of the China Communications Society and professor of the school of economics and management of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, said.

Will 5g traffic charge be very expensive? Huang Xiuqing said that the tariff is determined by many factors, including technology cost and market competition. Just looking at the cost, the investment in 5g network has increased, but the network speed is faster and the capacity is larger. Accordingly, the average cost per unit of traffic has been reduced. In the market competition environment, the unit price of 5g traffic will gradually decrease with the popularity of the network and the growth of user demand, and it should be lower than 4G in the future.