New technologies emerge in endlessly, new applications bloom everywhere, 5g landing, innovation foll

5g network, as the communication foundation, has opened a new chapter in the development of the Internet. Various new technologies and applications derived from 5g network have become the main direction of economic and social development. With the official commercial use of 5g and the deep integration of communication technology and the real economy, the industry will accelerate the transformation of digitalization, networking and intelligence, and cultivate new applications, new models and new formats——

At the 2019 (18th) China Internet conference hosted by the China Internet association a few days ago, Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and chairman of the China Internet association, said that 5g has opened a new chapter in the development of the Internet. 5g is a rare opportunity for China's scientific and technological development and 5g innovation is always on the way.

'Since 2009, China's mobile Internet development has taken the lead in the world, with innovations in 3G and 4G technical standards. In the upcoming 5g era, we also hope that China will continue to make contributions.' Zhao Houlin, Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union, said.

Leading technological innovation

Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that to promote the sustained, healthy and rapid development of the Internet, we also need to break through core technologies and take the initiative in development. We should improve the innovation ecosystem, improve the technological innovation system of deep integration of industry, University and research, strengthen the forward-looking layout of basic science, improve the original innovation ability, and master a number of killer, disruptive and asymmetric technologies.

5g will lead the technological innovation of the Internet. 5g leads the overall innovation of network technology through the combination of cloud, virtualization, Internet and various modes, and internally enhances the ability of mobile broadband to be highly reliable, low latency and large connection.

Wu Hequan said, for example, 5g proposed to develop from a single cloud to a central cloud and an edge cloud. The edge cloud can quickly process data with low latency, and is suitable for industrial Internet, Internet of vehicles, telemedicine, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc. After these edge cloud filtered data are sent to the central cloud, they are collected and optimized into a mathematical model of the network, and then transmitted down to the edge cloud. The cost of this two-level cloud is 39% of the cost of a single cloud, and 50% of the data will be processed in the edge cloud in the future.

'In the future, 5g applications may adopt a similar way to mobile apps to adapt to the uncertainty of future business development. Such apps can be developed by operators or third-party Internet companies.' Wu Hequan said.

'5g has been regarded as one of the new infrastructures.' Chen Zhaoxiong said that we should speed up the construction of 5g and other new infrastructure, improve the intelligent level of traditional infrastructure, build a new generation of high-speed, intelligent, ubiquitous, safe and green information network, and form an information infrastructure system that meets the needs of the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy.

Expand application landing

In June this year, China issued 5g business license, officially entering the first year of 5g business. '5g commercial is just the second half of the Internet, the deepening of consumer Internet and the start of industrial Internet, and also the vigorous period of the development of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies. 5g will not only develop new applications in consumer and industrial fields, but also give birth to more new formats.' Wu Hequan said.

At present, 5g has brought many new applications. In the 2022 Winter Olympics, 5g terminals will be installed on helmets and snowboards to make the audience feel like an athlete. In addition, many cases of 5g telemedicine surgery have been successfully implemented, and '5g+ virtual reality' has also been applied in video, games, live broadcasting, tourism, medical and other fields.

5g has the characteristics of low delay, high reliability, high bandwidth and Dalian connection, which can meet the requirements of industrial Internet. Industrial Internet has become a breakthrough for 5g large-scale business. At present, 5g has many applications in the field of industrial Internet, such as power grids, ports, refineries, aircraft factories, steel mills, machining, etc.

Wu Hequan, for example, '5g+8k+ mobile edge computing' can make the robot more sensitive, and the manipulator will be more intelligent when associated with 5g. In addition, 'UAV +5g' will show its strength in the agricultural field. Now, using 5g and unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the apple blossom in real time, we can predict the apple output a few months before the apple results, so as to sell the apple in the form of futures.

Chen Zhaoxiong said that we should promote the deep integration of 5g and other technologies with the real economy, promote industrial digitalization and digital industrialization, accelerate the digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, cultivate new applications, new models and new formats, expand new space for the digital economy, and continue to form new growth points and new drivers.

Industrial Internet has become the focus of enterprise layout. According to Wang Jian, senior vice president of UFIDA Network Technology Co., Ltd., UFIDA has built UFIDA smart industrial Internet platform for industrial enterprises. As an important part of UFIDA enterprise cloud service, the platform will provide various services and third-party SaaS (software as a service) services for industrial enterprises, and promote industrial enterprises to move towards digitalization.

Towards intelligent development

5g will promote 'Internet +' to 'smart +'. Heguili, vice president of China Academy of information and communication, believes that the transition from 'Internet +' to 'intelligence +' indicates that China's informatization has entered a new stage. This stage is mainly based on the application of big data, artificial intelligence and 5g technology, and further releases the functions and wisdom of the human brain through networking, platformization and software, so the network, equipment, facilities and services have a certain ability to analyze, summarize and learn like people.

The report on China's 'smart +' social development index 2019 released by the 2019 China Internet conference points out that at present, China's 'smart +' social development level is still in the primary stage, digitization and networking are still developing rapidly, and intellectualization is initially applied to production and life. In the future, digitalization, networking and intellectualization will coexist for a long time.

According to the report, in terms of 'smart +' living consumption, digital payment is fully popularized and the development level is the highest; In terms of 'intelligent +' public governance, intelligent integrated decision-making is the current hot spot of intelligent management, and intelligent government affairs have been upgraded from query and handling to intelligent services; In terms of 'smart +' production and supply, e-commerce has gradually deepened to the county and village levels, and intelligent logistics enabled by artificial intelligence has become the key to the upgrading of the logistics industry.

'In the construction of digital government, we should make full use of 5g and other new generation information and communication technologies, build a new generation of network infrastructure, and strengthen the construction of government data capacity driven by data. The government should create an open platform to pool social resources and improve its service and supervision capabilities.' Gaoxinmin, vice president of the China Internet association, said.

In the era of 'intelligence +', the problem of network security is more prominent. At this China Internet Conference, 360 group made a collective appearance with 360 secure brain, 360 secure browser and 360 secure smart home. Among them, 360 safety brain mainly includes three levels: national safety brain, urban safety brain and family safety brain. The national security brain is dedicated to solving the Cyberspace Security Problems of governments and enterprises, the urban security brain to solve the physical space security problems of cities, and the family security brain to solve the problems of personal security and family care. The three together provide a comprehensive escort for data security.

Chen Zhaoxiong said that we should strengthen security and comprehensively improve the security capabilities of key information infrastructure, network data, personal information and so on.

'Traditional mobile communication is closed and 5g is open, which brings challenges to network security. But while ensuring network security, we will also obtain the openness and Internet of network capabilities.' Wu Hequan said.