In line with the corporate mission of serving the society, contributing to the society, benefiting the society, and giving back to the society, the company repays the society and all customers with practical actions, actively participates in public welfare undertakings such as donation to students, disaster relief, environmental protection, etc., and practice with positive public welfare behaviors Carry out the social responsibility of the enterprise and enhance the value pursuit of the enterprise.

The purpose of Gao Xinda's education assistance: to help children in backward mountainous areas in China get more learning opportunities.

Gao Xinda's student aid practice: Donate to UNICEF, subsidize children in backward mountainous areas in China, and provide basic education and medical support for children in need at home and abroad with practical actions.

As a communications company, Gao Xinda hopes to do its best to help children in mountainous areas get more learning opportunities. Since 2004, the president of Gaoxinda has visited and donated to the families of poor students in remote mountainous areas for many times, and has launched a fundraising activity throughout the company. This activity has been supported by all employees of Gaoxinda, and everyone has extended A helping hand, offering love to children who were forced to drop out of school due to poverty.