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Beijing gaoxinda Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a major equipment provider of communication networks headquartered in Beijing, China. Since its establishment 27 years ago, the company has focused on the construction of wireless communication networks, covering the R & D and manufacturing of high-end intelligent communication products (base station equipment, core network equipment, dielectric antenna) and system solutions in many fields.

With the most complete end-to-end product line and convergence solutions in the communication industry, gaoxinda provides leading wireless communication products, services and solutions for operators, government enterprises and industry customers through wireless communication intelligent products covering many fields and 27 years of professional communication service technology.

On the basis of maintaining its original business, gaoxinda actively deployed new business areas, and constantly transformed into a technology driven company with core R & D capabilities. In 2019, it successfully upgraded its strategy and officially entered the field of communication intelligent manufacturing and service management. Gaoxinda has successively set up three distinctive R & D Center branches in Tianjin, Ningbo, Fujian and other places, and actively cooperates with scientific research institutions and national scientific research institutions for a long time to seek the development and application of new technologies. The dielectric lens antenna and 5g small base station independently developed by gaoxinda have solved the industry pain points of high energy consumption and high base station construction cost of 5g mobile communication network. The products have greatly improved the coverage of communication network and provided better communication network services for future 5g multi scenario applications.

After years of development, gostar has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification (two ISO9001 international certifications of Rab in the United States and UKAS in the United Kingdom and China CNAB certification), professional contracting of telecommunications engineering in the construction industry, Internet ICP business license, value-added telecommunications business license, dual software certification of Chinese software enterprises and computer information system integration enterprises, and has a number of invention patents and national software copyright.