Talent recruitment

1、 Accounting Supervisor

Job responsibilities:

1. Cooperate with the audit of annual financial statements and provide relevant financial data;

2. Complete the preparation of the financial budget of the subsidiary, and supervise, review and track its implementation;

3. Settle accounts and prepare financial statements;

4. Check the payroll payable in the account and the calculation and payment of the five insurances and one fund account;

5. Check the bank statement and book amount, and check the balance reconciliation table and cash inventory table;

6. Check the cash flow of the current month;

7. Check internal transactions between companies and internal transaction statements;

8. Filling of statistical statements (monthly, quarterly and annual reports);

9. Office location: b508, block B, science and technology wealth center, No. 8 Xueqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree in finance and accounting from a regular university, with intermediate or above accounting qualification, regardless of gender and age;

2. At least 1 ~ 2 years of working experience in relevant positions in large and medium-sized enterprises / group enterprises or listed (including proposed listed) enterprises;

3. Strong organization, coordination, communication and overall planning skills;

2、 Sales Manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of antenna business sales strategy;

2. Build and manage the sales team, organize and coordinate the internal and external resources of the company, ensure the effective operation of the sales work in charge of the market, and achieve the performance goals of the company;

3. Effectively manage cooperative customers and agents;

4. Preside over the negotiation and signing of marketing contracts;

5. Deeply analyze customers, establish customer relationships, and tap user needs;

6. Deeply understand the communication industry (operators / equipment providers), grasp the latest sales information, and provide the company with the basis for business development strategy;

7. Working place: Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Tibet.

Job requirements:

1. University degree or above, major in electronics, communication, etc. is preferred;

2. Familiar with the communication market, more than 5 years of marketing management experience in the communication industry, with wireless network optimization, wireless products (antenna, etc.) sales experience is preferred;

3. Have a strong will for career expansion, teamwork spirit and professional ethics;

4. Strong strategic thinking and execution ability;

5. Excellent team management ability, communication and coordination ability and the ability to grasp the overall situation;

6. Keen market insight, excellent business negotiation ability;

7. Able to accept frequent business trips.

Interested parties send resumes to guogz@hwttnet.com , indicate the position - time of arrival - salary, and thank you for your attention and support to gaoxinda.

3、 Core network engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Define and design 5g/4g PC integrated products

2. Provide global services for global telecom operators.

3. Plan and implement network design, product configuration and integration

4. Perform configuration, integration, migration, and customer acceptance testing

5. Place of work: Yunnan.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in telecommunication, electronic engineering or computer is preferred.

2. At least 1 year working experience in telecom industry is preferred

3. Good knowledge of IP and unix/linux

4. Able to work under high pressure and dynamic environment.

5. Proactive, self-motivated, able to work independently.

6. Customer oriented.

Interested parties send resumes to wangfh@hwttnet.com , indicate the position - time of arrival - salary, and thank you for your attention and support to gaoxinda.

4、 Base station antenna R & D Manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Set up R & D posts and formulate job descriptions; Responsible for establishing project team, decomposing project tasks and implementing project plan; Department quality and environmental control; Project funds budget;

2. Grasp the direction of research and development, and guide the research and development of various projects; Make decisions and guidance on key issues of the project, supervise the implementation of the development plan, and ensure the smooth progress of the project;

3. Organize the summary and evaluation after project research and development, summarize the available results of each project, form an internal resource pool, and provide technical reserves for the company's strategic development;

4. Performance appraisal and related training of department members;

5. Guide, encourage and motivate employees to improve their work effect and efficiency;

6. Assist the company's management and relevant departments in their work;

7. Participate in and preside over the work of the Department, and carry out the coordination, command, work distribution and information transmission of various working relationships.

8. Responsible for antenna product design and development (mainly doing electrification index test, other index test, pre-sales and after-sales technical support for base station antenna, etc.)

9. Participate in the antenna performance improvement and problem analysis and solution in the joint test of the whole machine;

10. Preparation of relevant design specifications, design standards and patent documents.

Job requirements:

1. Education background: Bachelor degree or above.

2. Required experience / skills: graduated from communication technology, with electromagnetic field, microwave and antenna majors preferred;

3. Engineers with experience in base station antenna;

4. Working experience of antenna R & D Product Manager: 3-5 years' experience is preferred. He is good at preparing feasibility reports, product plans and tracking implementation. Those with R & D ability are preferred.

5. Office location: Beijing Haidian District, Ningbo Fenghua District, Tianjin Wuqing district can accept short-term business trips.

5、 General secretary

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist the relevant business work between the high-level departments and arrange various administrative affairs;

2. Assist senior management to communicate with important customers; Be responsible for the drafting, revision and review of the company's business documents, as well as customer presentations;

3. Cooperate with senior management in business negotiation, understand business reception etiquette, table etiquette, etc. (experience in foreign business market meetings is preferred);

4. Have marketing and marketing experience;

5. Familiar with PPT, Excel and other office software;

6. Office location: b508, block B, science and technology wealth center, No. 8, Xueqing Road, Haidian District.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in public relations, marketing, enterprise management, Chinese, law and other related majors are preferred;

2. Be familiar with the operation development trend, operation management mode and workflow;

3. Have good strategic planning and overall analysis ability;

4. Good English, business development experience is preferred;

5. Strong personal comprehensive ability, good speaking image and temperament, capable of doing things, strong execution, good at coordinating and dealing with interpersonal relationships;

6. Integrity, cheerful and frank personality; Strong sense of responsibility and dedication, able to work under pressure, good teamwork ability;

7. Have strict logical thinking ability and comprehensive analysis and judgment ability, strong overall coordination ability, excellent written and oral expression ability.