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Quantum entropy reduced energy-saving products

By weakening the disorder 'collision' of free electrons, gostar quantum entropy energy-saving products enhance the order of free electrons, improve conductivity, and reduce losses (heat, noise, vibration, etc.); Reducing or offsetting harmful components (impedance, harmonic, high frequency, low frequency, etc.) of electronic systems is different from other types of energy-saving products on the market. It is a revolutionary technology of multidisciplinary integration innovation, which is the first in China.

Micro electricity saving principle of quantum entropy energy saving products


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Gosinda quantum entropy reducing energy-saving products

  • Application scenario

Gaoxinda quantum entropy reduction energy-saving products are used in: industrial manufacturing (steel, petrochemical, coal, chemistry, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, textile, food and other industries); Commercial fields (operators, data centers, ships, supermarkets, department stores, airports, ports and wharfs, etc.); All power systems of public utilities (government, colleges, subways, hospitals), etc.