Product Name:

Intelligent gateway (GPON, EPON)

The Internet of things is the big environment of smart home. With the increasing support of the country for the Internet of things industry, the development of the smart home industry has been accelerated.

As a branch industry of the Internet of things, smart home has applied the relevant technologies of the Internet of things in many links. Smart gateway is the core terminal of smart home. It is the aggregation of 'optical cat plus smart router'. The relationship between smart gateway and smart home is like a person and a heart. Through it, the functions of system information collection, information input, information output, centralized control, remote control, linkage control and so on can be realized.

  • Application scenario

The intelligent gateway connects the home intranet and the home extranet to ensure the communication between the internal and external networks. The home intranet is the networking of all electrical equipment in the home. Each intelligent appliance is regarded as a terminal node, and all terminal nodes are centrally managed and decentralized controlled by the home intelligent gateway; Home extranet refers to the external Ethernet, GPRS, 4G network, 5g network, which is used to connect the intelligent management terminal of the home intelligent gateway, such as smart phones, tablet computers, etc., so as to realize remote control and view home information.

Characteristics of gaoxinda intelligent gateway

  • Intelligent access, reassuring and reliable

  • Healthy network, safe application

  • Mobile office, fast and secure