Product Name:

5g small base station
  • Gaoxinda has mastered the core technology of end-to-end full chain small base stations from high-level protocol stack, physical layer to RF, has independent product research and development and production capacity, and has become a major partner of operators and vertical industries.


Product form and key technology of gaoxinda 5g small base station


Product form and technical parameters of arm architecture


ØBBU:Before the special chip comes out, you can choose a general server: Intel's X86 platform or arm's NXP platform.

ØPhysical 5g vonr video conference layer software: all running on BBU, or low PHY running on RRU. It mainly solves digital to analog conversion, which is the core technology at the bottom.

ØProtocol stack software: running on BBU, it is responsible for resource scheduling and application function implementation.

ØRRU:The core is RF technology, mainly signal transceiver and modulation and demodulation.

  • Application scenario

The main application scenarios of 5g micro base stations include: large-scale performances, airports, business centers, subway railways, etc


5G一体化微基站  5G一体化微基站

5G一体化微基站  5G一体化微基站