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Dielectric lens antenna

       Gaoxinda dielectric lens antenna is an 'artificial dielectric lens multi beam antenna' based on the theory of Lombard lens, using artificial media to synthesize new materials, and properly combined with multiple independent antenna units.

Gaoxinda dielectric lens antenna has the advantages of low energy consumption, no electrical adjustment, high gain, wide vertical beam, wide coverage, large capacity, light weight and so on 

  • Improve the efficiency of fixed asset investment:

Greatly reduce the number of base station construction required, improve the efficiency of fixed asset investment and the use of station site resources, adjust the original 2g/3g/4g base station network, and speed up the deployment of 5g network. For example, through the special high-speed railway network, the inter station shutdown can save 50% of the base station investment.

  • Energy conservation, environmental protection and efficiency increase:

The energy consumption of dielectric lens antenna is 40% of that of ordinary plate antenna. Reducing the number of base stations and single station energy conservation will produce huge economic and social value. Reducing the number of base stations can greatly reduce the operation and maintenance costs of operators by at least 50% per year.

  • Improve network quality: reduce signal switching frequency and improve transmission quality.

Display of some lens antenna products

  • 介质透镜天线

  • Application scenario

  Application scenario  

  • It is widely used in 5g\4g\3g communication networks, which saves a lot of base station investment, reduces energy consumption, and effectively saves annual operation and maintenance expenditure.

  • The main application scenarios are large gatherings and other crowded areas; Scenic spots, universities, busy business districts and other scenes need to be expanded.