Mobile Internet big data operation solution

Over the years, gaoxinda has provided mobile information construction, mobile value-added service operation support, Internet digital marketing and other multi platform and multi solution delivery for major operators and industrial government and enterprise customers in Fujian, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Jiangxi and other places. It is a leading service provider of mobile value-added services and Internet value-added services.

One click centralized operation support solution, covering platform construction, big data application, content acquisition and adaptation capabilities, connecting business, users, content, contact elements, and relying on the implementation of the security system, in-depth business centralized operation;


  • The mobile Internet integrated matrix operation platform focuses on customers, carries out multi product aggregation, precision timing and pan contact operation, and deepens the lean operation mode of products


  • Big data intelligent reminder platform, relying on big data to improve the service ability of mobile guards, and create an intelligent Butler platform for business usage and an intelligent anti fraud platform;

  • The location operation solution analyzes the prediction of user trajectory based on lbs for operators. Based on Hadoop platform, pig script programming (piggy bank) is used to extract the continuous location of users and calculate the relative frequency. Link analysis is carried out, and the accuracy of predicting the next location point of users is 62%;

  • According to the characteristics of high-value users, the high-value customer operation solution starts with the high-value customer value life cycle system, connects the interface between the data platform and the production platform, outputs the analysis results, scene models and operation models, accurately locates the user behavior, realizes the intelligent and personalized push of the user contacts, and finally realizes the real-time operation of the whole process from user analysis to production applications, so as to improve the production capacity.