Global business network access solutions

Our global business network access solution is based on sd-wan and VPN technology to optimize and accelerate the basic network of data communication, and provide high-speed, fast, stable and cost-effective cross-border basic network access services for large multinational enterprises, state organs, state-owned enterprises, foreign-related institutions, etc. The scheme has obtained the IP-VPN, ISP and IDC business licenses issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the network information security product certification and sales license issued by the Ministry of public security, which fills the gap of such product schemes in China. Under the background of the country's expanding reform and development and encouraging the safe and reliable cross-border flow of data, this program reflects its extremely prominent practical significance. Advantages of our product scheme: safety prevention and control, plug and play, stability and high quality, intelligent management, cost saving and efficiency increasing.

  • The system is safe and reliable


  • SD WAN technology advantages


  • Scenario usage