Information and communication industry is a strategic, basic and leading industry that builds national information infrastructure, provides networks and information services, and comprehensively supports economic and social development.

5g, the latest generation of mobile communication technology, is being deployed and commercialized on a large scale. At the same time, the global 6G research has entered the competition stage. At present, with the promotion of 6G research in various countries and industries, the vision, scenarios and basic indicators of 6G communication have made new progress. Compared with the current 5g communication, the 6G communication network will be further integrated with cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. At the same time, in order to meet the demand for wireless transmission in a highly intelligent, digital and information-based society in the future, 6G wireless network will greatly improve the dimension and breadth of wireless connection, and support many scenarios, such as ultra wide bandwidth video transmission, ultra-low delay industrial Internet of things, air space earth integrated interconnection and so on

6G will complete the 'massive IOT' and 'smart link of all things', build a land, sea, air and space integrated communication network, and there will be a large number of interconnected terminal devices on land, sea and sky.

Using the real-time sensing and intelligent computing capabilities of these hundreds of millions of sensors to support multi terminal sharing of AI computing power, AI on the intelligent terminal device side will also officially move from single device and multi device to distributed and decentralized mode, providing strong support for 6G heterogeneous, multi terminal real-time sensing computing.

6G network will be based on ubiquitous big data, enable AI applications in various fields, and create a 'smart ubiquitous' world.

6G will further surpass the marginal computing in the 5g era and move towards 'on-line computing', thus providing the computing power foundation for 'ubiquitous intelligence'. The computing power will move from extension to endogenous, and finally realize the deep integration of network and computing.